Staff and Board

Artistic Staff

David Hoose, Music Director
Allison Voth, Chamber Series Director
Amy Lieberman, Assistant Conductor
Eliko Akahori, Rehearsal Pianist
Lisa Lynch, Chorus Personnel Manager
Heidi Braun-Hill, Orchestra Contractor
Administrative Staff

Nick Adams, Executive Director
Emily Kirk Weddle, Development and Public Relations Manager
Michelle Rush, Education and Production Manager
Lillian Dearing, Marketing and Finance Associate
Board of Trustees

John C. Ball
Juan Carmona
Lori Cote, Treasurer
Peter Cote
Robert Henry
Michael Merullo, Chorus President
James Liu
Dwight E. Porter
Epp K.J. Sonin
Mary Beth Stevens
Emily Stone
Christine Swistro, Secretary
Dana Whiteside
Marcia Yates
Majie Zeller
Leadership Circle

Paul and Katherine Buttenwieser
Dr. Loring and Rev. Louise Conant
Carey Erdman and Carl Kraenzel
Jim and Annie Feil
David and Harriet Griesinger
John and Rose Mary Harbison
Margaret Hornady-David and Donald David
Charles and Nan Husbands
Elizabeth and Melville Hodder
Kathryn and Edward Kravitz
Bernard E. Kreger, MD
Peter Libby and Beryl Benacerraf
Ann Marie Lindquist and Robert Weisskoff
Marjorie Merryman
Mark and Susan Murphy
Gloria and Laurence Lieberman
Harold I. Pratt
Robert and Janie Powers
Seth Rice
David Rockefeller, Jr. and Susan Rockefeller
John Scullin
Geoffrey Steadman and Danielle Maddon
Martha Zeller