Cantata Confidential

We've closed applications for this round of Cantata Confidential -- however, keep an eye out for new opportunities in spring 2020!

Want to try something new? (and earn $100!)

Too often, classical music feels like a space only for the initiated. It’s hard to know what to wear, what to listen for, or even when to clap as a first time concert-goer. We know there are barriers that keep people from seeking out classical music -- we just can’t see them all from the inside. We want to hear the whole truth -- the potentially brutally honest truth -- about what we can do to make our entire concert experience better for everyone.

Introducing Cantata Confidential

Cantata Singers, a Boston-based chorus and orchestra, is looking for people who don't currently go to classical music events but who understand that the arts can, and should, be a part of a vibrant society. We'll pay you $100 to go to world-class concerts with a friend -- and all we want from you is your opinion (and a few hours of your time to discuss your experiences over pizza, wings, and beer). We’ll ask you for your honest feedback, and we’ll commit to listening without rebuttals or excuses.

Going to concerts (classical or otherwise) is better with others -- so we’ll also ask that you grab your partner, a friend, or that work colleague you've been meaning to connect with and invite them to participate with you! When you complete the program (with your guest!), we’ll give you $100. Share it, keep it… it’s up to you.

Interested? Here's what we'll ask of you:

  • Attend our season opener on November 2nd from 6:30-10pm. As a Cantata Confidential member, you’ll get a code for two free tickets for you and a friend. To kick off the season, we’ll be performing Handel’s Solomon, an epic retelling of the biblical tale of King Solomon (check it out on Spotify here). Our free pre-concert talk starts at 6:30pm, and after the concert there'll be a (also free!) food & wine reception where you can mingle with fellow patrons and meet the musicians.

  • Take a look at our website. This is where you’ll “buy” your (free) tickets using the promo code we send you, and we'd also love for you to spend a couple of minutes checking out the rest of the site.

  • Join our email and mailing list for the season (unsubscribing after the 2019–20 season is fine, and we promise not to spam you with our intern's music theory dissertation).

  • Follow us on social media (unfollowing after the season is also fine).

  • Take notes on your experiences, from emails to the website to the concert itself. This shouldn’t feel like school, but taking a few minutes to record what you see and feel (and what you love or hate) is hugely appreciated.

  • Come have dinner with us on November 9th from 6-8pm to discuss your experience over pizza, wings, and beer. By this time you’ll have visited the website, “purchased” your tickets, read our emails and social media posts, and attended the season opener concert. And we’ll be ready to hear all about it.

As a thank you for your time and valuable insight, we'll pay you $100.

To join, fill out this Google form before August 2nd to tell us a little about yourself. We'll let you know if you're who we're looking for by mid-August. We can’t wait to hear from you.