Mozart, Beethoven, and Haydn

Nov 17, 2017 / 7:30pm
American Academy of Arts and Sciences

200 Beacon Street, Somerville

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Chamber Series Director Allison Voth leads Cantata Singers' members in a program of music by Mozart, Beethoven, and Haydn. Considered three of the top orchestral composers of all time, this program highlights lesser-known works by the three Classical composers for voice and piano, including Welsh folk song arrangements by Haydn, and Scottish and Irish folk song arrangements by Beethoven.

David Hoose, Music Director of Cantata Singers, will give a pre-concert talk at 6:30pm, free to all ticketholders. Following the performance, all are invited to attend the post-concert reception.

Haydn: O Tuneful Voice
Mozart: Als Luisa
Mozart: Dans un bois solitaire
Mozart: Das Lied der trennung
Mozart: Die betrogen Welt
Haydn: Lachet mich, Mädchen
Beethoven: An die Geliebte
Beethoven: Neue Liebe, neues Leben
Beethoven: Vom Tod
Beethoven: Der Küss
Haydn: The Mermaid's Song
Mozart: Notturno: Mi lagnerò tacendo
Haydn: Here Awa There Awa
Haydn: Y Barddyn Ei Awen
Haydn: Sech Hudel
Haydn: Blodau Llundair
Mozart: Ecco quell fiero istante
Beethoven: The Miller of Dee
Beethoven: The Sweet Power of Song
Beethoven: What Shall I do to Shew Her I Love Her?
Beethoven: The Elfin Faeries
Beethoven: The Deserter
Beethoven: Up Quit Thy Bower
Mozart: Bona noxt, bist a rechta ox!