Weiner and Weill

Jan 20, 2017 / 7:30pm
Academy of Arts and Sciences

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Join us! The Chamber Series continues with a program featuring the music of Lazar Weiner and Kurt Weill. Born only three years apart, Weiner and Weill both immigrated to the United States, where they made distinctively different marks on twentieth-century music. Hear the beautiful Yiddish art songs by Weiner alongside beloved songs by Weill.

This performance is funded in part by the Kurt Weill Foundation for Music, Inc., New York, NY

Yehudi Wyner, Pulitzer Prize-winning composer, will give a pre-concert talk, free to all ticketholders, at 6:30pm.
Following the performance, all are welcome at a free post-concert reception.

Lazar Weiner: "A gebet"
Lazar Weiner: "Volt majn tate raych geven"
Lazar Weiner: "Shtile tener"
Lazar Weiner: "Der Scholem-zokher"
Lazar Weiner: "Tsela-tseldi"
Kurt Weill: Ofrah's Lieder
Lazar Weiner: "Unter dayne vayse shtern"
Lazar Weiner: "A Papir Vil Bageyn Zelbsmord"
Lazar Weiner: "Bald vet zayn a regn"
Lazar Weiner: "Shtile likht"
Lazar Weiner: "Der yid mitn fidl"
Kurt Weill: Maikaterlied
Kurt Weill: Abendlied
Kurt Weill: Selections from Five Songs from Huckleberry Finn
Lazar Weiner: "Mayn Shprach"
Lazar Weiner: "Farbaygeyer"
Lazar Weiner: "Arop un Aroyf"
Lazar Weiner: "Meyn Lid"
Lazar Weiner: "Di Dame mitn Hintl"
Kurt Weill: Four Walt Whitman Songs
Kurt Weill: Zu Potsdam unter den Eichen


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