Women Composers of America

Fri, April 26, 2019 / 7:30pm
American Academy of Arts and Sciences

200 Beacon Street, Somerville

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The Chamber Series concludes with music of twentieth- and twentieth-first century American women composers, including Ruth Crawford Seeger, Amy Beach, Libby Larson, and Marjorie Merryman.

Musicologist Liane Curtis will give a pre-concert talk at 6:30pm, free to all ticketholders.
Following the performance, all are invited to attend a post-concert reception.

Sheila Silver: "First Fig (Round I)"
Amy Beach: "The Year's at the Spring," Op. 44, No. 1
Amy Beach: "Forgotten," Op. 41, No. 3
Amy Beach: "In the Twilight," Op. 85
Margaret Bonds: "Poème d'Automne"
Margaret Bonds: "Summer Storm"
Libby Larsen: My Antonia
Marjorie Merryman: Allison Joseph Songs
Lori Laitman: And Music Shall Not End
Ruth Crawford Seeger: "Chinaman! Laundryman!"
Tania León: "Mi Amor Es"
Susan Botti: "Listen, it's Snowing"
Kamala Sankaram: "The Last Blast of Anthony the Trumpeter"
Sheila Silver: "A Visit to the Asylum"
Sheila Silver: "Recuerdo"
Sheila Silver: "I, being born a woman"
Sheila Silver: "First Fig (Round II)"